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There are few options available when it comes to unclogging a drain.  Chemicals simply don’t work and cause further damage. Snakes are extremely messy and hard to use.  Plumbers are expensive and unpredictable.   Fortunately, DRAIN-FX is the newest technology that gives the consumer the ability to fix a drain just like a professional, at a fraction of the cost and hassle-free. No more wondering “how to unclog drains” ! Just follow our three easy steps to unclogging your drains

Chemicals are dangerous and don’t work!

If you ask any plumber, he’ll tell you the bad news about retail; chemical drain cleaners. They simply don’t work and moreover, don’t have the strength to cut through the clog, which leaves you with dirty & disgusting water that is poisonous! Once you discover that the toxic chemicals you’ve purchased don’t work you get a plumber in to help, or use DRAIN-FX. The fumes leaking from this filthy water are extremely toxic and could have been completely avoided by using the eco-friendly DRAIN-FX!

The problem with snakes

Snakes cannot be used without having to disassemble the drain. Quite often the problem can be further down in the pipe where the snake can’t reach. Even if you have a snake that can reach the clog you’ll end up pushing the mess down further without being able to break it up properly and run the risk of puncturing the pipe. Don’t waste your money on a snake and be confident that  DRAIN-FX works every time.

The eco-friendly solution

DRAIN-FX is the only solution that is eco-friendly, effective and safe . There are no chemicals involved when using DRAIN-FX. It is a mini-pressure washer that clears out the drain and gives you the same results as a plumber’s professional equipment without the excessive cost. 

DRAIN-FX is a drain cleaning tool that easily attaches to your tap and creates a powerful stream of pressurized water that breaks up your clogs and then quickly flushes them away. Simply put, this is the only 100% eco-friendly way to clear your drains eliminating the need for a plumber, hazardous chemicals or snakes.

One price – clear drains for life!

DRAIN-FX is a product that you can reuse time and time again. When you have a clogged/slow drain in any of your sinks you can use this amazing high-pressure tool in order to see instant results. Anytime you notice that water is draining slower than usual you can just use DRAIN-FX as a preventative maintenance tools.  It really is that simple!

It’s a handy tool that you’ll want to have around your home to eliminate drain issues and to prevent them in the future.