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Our drains are one of those things that we hardly give much thought to – until there is a problem! We can take for granted flushing toilets, quick-to-drain drain kitchen and bathroom faucets, and bathtubs. But if and when there is a problem, then fixing it becomes top priority in the household.

Certain parts of your drains are especially vulnerable to clogging. It’s good to know these areas so you have a better understanding of these potential problems. They are: the curved part of the pipe that you may be familiar with underneath your sink, the inside tracks in your toilet, and finally there may be an issue inside the main line that leads from your home to the street.

We’re here to tell you that there is an easy fix-it now that uses no chemicals at all to fix a clog within the curved section of a faucet drain (kitchen or bathroom!) At DRAIN-FX we believe that as soon as we smell the odor from well known liquid drain cleaning products, instinct tells us that the product must be toxic and we certainly would not want it in our water, soil etc…

Enter DRAIN-FX. Created by a mater plumber, this eco-friendly solution uses water and pressure alone to clear even the harshest of clogs. A DRAIN-FX hose extends to the trapped area (usually about 6 inches below the faucet where the curved part of the pipe is) and built-up clogs and debris are broken up, dislodged, and washed away.

Nationally recognized press outlets agree, DRAIN FX is a revolutionary way to be ‘green’ while clearing clogs.