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All women should have their own set of handy tools that they are sure to use around the house on a daily basis.  The following is a list of some basic household tools for women, that at one point or another, will certainly come in handy and eventually be required.

1.   DRAIN-FX: Clogged drains happen.  DRAIN-FX is the must-have solution.  Every year gallons of toxic chemicals are flushed into the water system to clear clogged drains.  DRAIN-FX is the chemical-free, eco-friendly & low-cost alternative for slow and clogged drains.  DRAIN-FX turns your existing kitchen or bathroom tap into a powerful pressure washer, which quickly breaks-up and washes away stubborn clogs and debris.  Sustainable and ecologically sound, DRAIN-FX was designed by a plumber and clears clogged drains using simple tap water; no hazardous chemicals to store in your home or flush into the water system.  The reusable product is guaranteed to last, so you can buy it once and never have to buy another drain cleaning product again.

2.   Hammer & Nails: The hammer is a basic tool that is used for many purposes.  A claw-type hammer is the best one to have as it is able to hammer/pound in nails with one end and remove unwanted nails with the other end.  The most common uses for hammers are to drive in nails, fit parts, forge metal and break apart objects.   They are available in different sizes, weights and grips, so make sure to pick one that you feel most comfortable with holding/using.

Nails are basically used in woodworking and construction, however they come in very handy around the house.   Most commonly they are used as fasteners or to hang things and come in many shapes, sizes & colors and are available for purchase in variety packs.   Here is another handy tip; if you are worried that a nail could split your picture frame or the wood, lubricate the nail with petroleum jelly, dry soap or pre-drill a pilot hole to start the nail.

3.   Screwdriver & Screws: Here is another basic tool that can either be manual or powered, for turning (driving or removing) screws.  The two most common types of screwdrivers are Flat Head and Phillips.   It is best to buy a set that includes the most common types and in the case of not having sufficient space, you can opt for a multi-bit magnetic screwdriver.   If you are thinking about getting a powered drill, make sure it is not too heavy and that you are comfortable with the grip and feel.   Be sure to ask questions about the torque and battery life.

Screws have visible ridges along the length of their body in order to grip into the material and are most commonly used to mount heavy items on a wall or lighting fixtures.  Screws are turned whether they are being driven in or removed with a screwdriver.   Ensure enough force and torque is applied when driving and removing a screw.   By not applying enough force or torque you might strip the head of the screw.   If the screw head is stripped and you are unable to obtain a grip, make sure to use

a manual screwdriver and apply more force perpendicular to the surface.   Applying soap on the surface of the screw will prevent any surface splitting (especially thin wood) and will require less force when applying.   Have you ever wondered why some screws are threaded all the way to the head and others have an unthreaded shank?  If so, wood screws, the ones that are partially threaded with a shank, are used to fasten wood and dry wall, unlike the sheet metal screws that can be used on multiple surfaces.

4.   Adjustable Wrench: This is a wrench with an adjustable “jaw” that expands in its width size.  It is a great tool in order to latch around either a nut on a bolt or even a pipe, in order to loosen or tighten it.  First open the adjustable wrench by turning the screw mechanism, check if it is open enough for the nut or the pipe to fit in and then screw back the mechanism, so that it clamps tightly. If the nut or the pipe that you are looking to loosen is too tight, make sure to apply force at the bottom.

5.   Long Nose Pliers: This is a wonderful household tool.  It will help in either pulling, holding or cutting of wire, cable and other materials during a repair, due to its long tip and gripping ability.  If you enjoy making your own jewelry or helping your kids with their science projects, this is a must have tool.m of the wrench handle. By doing so, you will be able to apply more torque on the nut.

6.   Adjustable Ladder: A small to medium sized adjustable ladder is another must have household tool.  You may come across a number of different options at your hardware store, but a sturdy lightweight ladder that has a 5′ reach, is highly recommended.

7.   Level: You might have heard others refer to this tool as a “spirit level” or “bubble level”.  This is a super handy tool that indicates whether or not a surface is horizontally level or vertically plumb.  It is perfect to use when hanging either a picture or shelf, to make sure that it is evenly hung. If you are an iPhone user, you can download the iHandy Level app for free.

8.   Self-Retracting Tape Measure: This tool will be your little gem when you want to take measurements either on a specific area/spot in the house or if you are planning to do some redecorating and need an overall room measurement.  The retractable feature will enable you to take a measurement of longer and larger spaces, without the help of someone else.

Good luck and happy repairs!