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Spring is almost here and that means many of us have “Spring Cleaning” fever. The best cures for this year’s fever are all eco-friendly solutions which will have your house looking clean and green in no time at all.

The Bathroom: Bar soaps are notorious for leaving behind soap scum, which is often the leading cause of clogged drains in bathrooms! Ditch the bar soap and opt for liquid instead. If you still have clogged drains after that, make sure to use Drain-FX the world’s leading eco-friendly clogged drain solution! There is no doubt that water is the world’s best cleaning solution. By simply unleashing the power and pressure of water, Drain-FX unclogs drains using absolutely no chemicals. How do you know if you have a slow running drain? The answer is simple. If there is any accumulation of water in the shower or sink basin when the water is running or you do not hear a suction sound when the water is draining, then you have an issue. Drain-FX is the #1 way to effectively and immediately resolve your sink, shower or tub problems.

The Kitchen: Never underestimate the power of ingredients found in kitchen cabinets when it comes to creative and green solutions for cleaning the house. Two kitchen cabinet staples are baking soda and vinegar. These two products can help create wonderful, all-purpose cleaners that are both effective and safe for the environment. Mixing equal parts of vinegar and water creates the perfect cleaner for all surfaces in the kitchen. Try combining 1 cup of vinegar, with 1 cup of water to your cleaning bucket and mix the two ingredients thoroughly. Then simply add your sponge or cleaning cloth to the solution and wipe down any surfaces that need cleaning. You can also add this solution to any spray bottle for fantastic results as well.

The Bedrooms: Finding a green alternative for wood polish may seem impossible, but it is really as easy as 1, 2, 3! As long as you have lemons, olive oil and water you can create a wood polish that will make you wonder why you ever spent money on the expensive cleaners sold in aerosol cans! By simply combining a tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of water and half a cup of lemon juice (pulp and seeds strained) you will have a wood cleaner that would make even your grandmother proud!

Living Rooms & Laundry: Most people associate hydrogen peroxide with cleaning wounds, cuts and abrasions, but this staple found in most homes also works really well at removing stubborn stains from white fabric! Whether it is the living couch, the carpet, or white clothes the fizzing bubble action created by hydrogen peroxide is a sign that this solution is working hard to remove those stubborn stains. Simply add water and hydrogen peroxide to a spray bottle and let the solution work its magic! For non-white or colored fabrics try using either vinegar or club soda on those tough to treat stains.