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Parallax Testimonials

[testimonial_slider_box title=”What our Clients say”]
[testimonial_slide author=”Gary Sullivan”]I have stumbled upon the coolest new tool called Drain-FX that is all about making difficult projects easy. I used it 2-3 weeks ago and it does what it says. It is like a pressure washer for a drain and you can also clean that over-flow while you are at it. I have been preaching for years, please do not get a bottle of acid, all it does is move the blockage further down the line.[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Allison”]Eco-friendly and effective. Even better, it’s reusable.[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Houston”]Thank you for sending me clips for my Drain-FX. Your customer service is superb! I first learned about Drain-FX in “Consumer Reports” magazine. I am very pleased with the product and will highly recommend it to other.[/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Sandy Palmer”]Drain-FX worked like a CHARM! I didn’t have to use any chemicals.[/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Todd”]We ordered the Drain-FX product after hearing about it on the radio with Gary Sullivan. Used it on 2 slow running drains. Easy to use and now they are draining better than when they were brand new. No lie!!! Thanks for this awesome product!! 🙂 feeling thankful.[/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Linda Dakin”]I can’t believe how easy it is to use Drain FX. And… I didn’t have to use any chemicals. None! Drain FX is a quick, worry free solution to clearing slow or clogged drains.[/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Colleen Lloyd”]Thank you to DRAIN-FX – AWESOME!!!! … and soooo easy!!! :)[/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Christopher Barnes”]The Drain – FX is one of those, why didn’t I think of that, kind of products. Get over it, you didn’t, buy this instead. Instructions are so simple and the support from the company is top notch. The package consists of a step by step instruction manual which makes it a lot more easier to use it, it really is very simple. You might not need it now but one day you will… Buy it! [/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Eddie”]We have some lousy plumbing in our house that gets clogged regularly. I got tired of having to buy chemical solutions. Anyways, this stuff works great and saved me a ton of money![/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Udesh”]Awesome solution for a common problem. Having one of these can save a lot of hassle, it works like a charm and the best thing is not having to use Toxic Chemicals.[/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Carole”]Thank you for your assistance! Your product is just the answer we need. May your company prosper beyond your wildest imaginations![/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Judy”]Thank you for the fastening nuts you sent me from my Drain-FX which have arrived. Thank you for sending them.[/testimonial_slide]